Picture of the Month

Competition guidelines

Who can participate:
All users of microscopy facilities within Prague Euro-BioImaging Node (list of facilities is here: https://www.czech-bioimaging.cz/euro-bi/) excluding facility staff.

Submitted materials:

  • Microscopy images/movies limited to those acquired at microscopy facilities within Prague Euro-Bioimaging Node.
  • Images/movies limited to maximum 3 items per author (per month).
  • Submissions per author should refrain from excessive similarity. (The committee reserves the right to decline submissions if the images provided are deemed excessively similar.)
  • Images in TIFF or JPEG format (max 25MB).
  • Movies in MP4 format (max 15 sec and 25MB*).
  • Each item to be submitted together with this description form.

(*) For submission of a larger movie file please contact our staff (email-link below)

How to Submit:
By email to picture-of-the-month-usergroup@natur.cuni.cz 

Authors acknowledgment:
Competitors must be the original authors (owners) of materials submitted to the competition. The “original author” is also the one who provided the sample for paid fully assisted measurements even if the image has been captured by facility staff. Authors submitting their materials to the competition provide consent with use of the materials for marketing purposes and their presentation on CzBI or EuBI websites, websites of participating institutions or other media.

Submission deadline:
End of each month except for June and July. For June 2023 the deadline is 23rd July 2023. For July 2023 the deadline is 13th August 2023.

Submitted materials will be anonymously evaluated by a committee composed of the staff of participating microscopy facilities every month. All submitted material stay in the voting for three consecutive months except the monthly winner. The winner of the monthly competition will be announced the second week of each month on the website https://imcf.natur.cuni.cz/IMCF/monthly-winners/.

Picture of the Year award:
Winners of the Picture of the Month automatically qualify for the Picture of the Year award. The online voting for the Picture of the Year award will be opened in June 2024 to all users of Prague EuBI Node facilities and to the staff of institutes operating the facilities. The winners will be announced at the end of June 2024 at Photons, Electrons & Sausages – an annual summer barbecue event organized by Prague Euro-BioImaging Node Facilities. The Picture of the Year awards is kindly sponsored by microscopy companies (10 000 CZK Gold, 6 000 CZK Silver and 4 000 CZK bronze).

Please note: Awarded competitors must be (or become) members of the Czechoslovak Microscopy Society to be eligible for the Picture of the Year award pay out.   

For more information, please contact: picture-of-the-month-usergroup@natur.cuni.cz