IMCF Data Policy & Recommendations

Facility is not responsible for the user data stored on local acquisition control computers or analysis workstations. Any data left on the computer hard drives are unsafe and may be deleted without warning.

It is not permitted to connect flash drives or USB external hard drives to local acquisition computers.

Users are obliged to transfer/export their data after acquisition to the network storage. Each local acquisition computer has mapped network drive atom for this purpose. See the BIOCEV intranet for instructions to access atom. The network folder \\atom.biocev.org\SCRATCH\_all_scratch is mapped on all acquisition control computers and analysis workstations. Data copied to this folder are deleted automatically after one week.

All users are recommended to adhere to FAIR data principles. As part of our commitment to supporting FAIR data practices, the IMCF facility operates an OMERO server (https://omero.natur.biocev.org/). OMERO is a robust platform that enables researchers to organize, annotate, share, and collaborate on microscopy images and data. For inquiries on how to integrate OMERO into your workflow and take advantage of its data-sharing capabilities at the IMCF facility, please contact the IMCF staff.

See available cheat sheets (image processing and image publishing) for suggestions to avoid common problems during image data presentation and publishing.