Data analysis tools


  • 5 Offline analysis computers (OA1-5)
  • Remote access to workstation with high computation power (Amira, Imaris, NIS-Elements denoising AI)
  • overview and technical specifications of available hardware [PDF]

To get access to the workstation and OA computers remotely, users outside the Faculty of Science at BIOCEV need to contact Dalibor Pánek, Please, provide your BIOCEV user name for access via VPN and/or IP address for direct access from computers at BIOCEV.


Commercial software

  • 10 floating licenses available for your personal PCs
    available as well on OA5 PC (personal PCs preferred – users using FlowJo are therefore not blocked)
  • manual for remote access [PDF]
  • 1 license available on Metacentrum via OA1 PC (for access, Huygens must be reserved in advance)
  • for setting up connection to Metacentrum refer to Huygens manual [PDF]
  • for remote access to OA1 PC refer to general manual [PDF]
NIS-Elements (with AI)
  • 1 license available via dongle server (once installed on personal PC, dongle can be “borrowed” from server)
  • pre-installed on Workstation1 and OA2 PC (reservation required)
  • for remote access refer to general manual [PDF]
  • for dongle server setup refer to dongle server manual [PDF]
  • available on OA1-4 PCs
    currently installed toolboxes: Curve Fitting, Image Processing, Parallel Computing, Signal Processing
  • all toolboxes are available, just contact member of IMCF for upgrade
  • for remote access refer to general manual [PDF]
  • home-made tools “TTTR Data Analysis” and “Data analysis_18” for FLIM and point and line-scan FCS data analysis
  • available on OA3 PC
  • for remote access refer to general manual [PDF]

Installed freeware tools

  • available on OA1-4 and most microscopic computers
  • available on OA1-4