How to access our services

Contact us

If you want to use our services, do not hesitate to call or email anyone from our team.

Meet us for the first time

A meeting will be scheduled for you to meet with IMCF staff members. Here we get to discuss your project and see how we can best assist you.

Registration to Czech BioImaging Open Access is part of the first meeting as well.

Register to the booking system

In order to keep track of the instrument usage we use booking system. It also allows you to readily manage your reservations. Steps for registration are outlined here.

Attend theoretical and practical training

Few of our instruments are simply push button systems, and as such we do our best to help you understand fundamentally how they function so you can make informed decisions.

Receive a certificate

After attending the training on given instrument you get the certification that allows you to use the instrument unsupervised.

Independent measurement

Now you can use the instrument on your own. Beware that IMCF staff is here for you, so do not hesitate to ask for help.

Booking system