Practical Course

The course is targeted at beginners and is structured to offer a comprehensive introduction to scientific image analysis using Napari, an open-source tool for image visualization and analysis. It will be taught in a hybrid format that blends theory with hands-on practical sessions, emphasizing practical, real-world application.

The course agenda includes the following topics:

  • Introductory sessions focused on the installation and understanding of Conda, Python, Jupyter Notebook, and Napari.
  • Learning to navigate through the Napari interface.
  • Conducting basic image operations within Napari.
  • Exploring various Napari plugins essential for common image analysis tasks like segmentation.
  • Going through an example image analysis workflow to apply the learned concepts in practice.

May 27 - 28, 2024

BIOCEV, Vestec

The course is organized by the Imaging Methods Core Facility. Data analysis-themed courses are organized annually.

The course is supported by the National Infrastructure for Biological and Medical Imaging (Czech-BioImaging, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports – Large Research Infrastructure, LM2023050).