Practical course

SIS code: MB100P03

Hands-on training on selected time-resolved experimental techniques and data analysis, commonly called Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy.

The course focuses on explaining the principles of nano-second time-resolved fluorescence detection, on demonstration of different hardware realizations, on trying various applications of FLIM in biological imaging and on testing of several ways of FLIM data analysis.The aim is to uncover the richness of information hidden in multiparametric fluorescence imaging and to inspire the participants to use the easily obtainable extra contrast in their imaging applications. An important part is to make the FLIM data analysis understandable.

Testing of your own samples is available anytime after (or even before) the FNOB course upon agreement with IMCF staff (may be a subject to instrument fees).


The course is organized by the Imaging Methods Core Facility as biennial, alternating with other advanced course on 3D-CLEM. The next FNOB course is scheduled for autumn 2022.

The course is supported by the National Infrastructure for Biological and Medical Imaging (Czech-BioImaging, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports – Large Research Infrastructure, LM2018129).